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    In September Francis William of Wartenberg , appointed by Ferdinand II as chairman of the imperial restitution commission for the Lower Saxon Circle, in carrying out the provisions of the Edict of Restitution, ordered the Bremian Chapter, seated in Bremen, to render an account of all the capitular and prince-archiepiscopal estates not to be confused with the Estates.

    Even Lutheran capitulars were uneasy in Calvinistic Bremen. The council argued that the city had long been Protestant, but the restitution commission replied that the city was de jure a part of the Prince-Archbishopric, so Protestantism had illegitimately taken over Catholic-owned estates.

    The city council replied that under these circumstances it would rather separate from the Holy Roman Empire and join the quasi-independent Republic of the Seven Netherlands.

    In October an army, newly recruited by John Frederick, started to reconquer the Prince-Archbishopric — helped by forces from Sweden and the city of Bremen.

    John Frederick returned to office, only to implement the supremacy of Sweden, insisting that it retain supreme command until the end of the war.

    With the impending enforcement of the military Major Power of Sweden over the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen, which was under negotiation at the Treaty of Westphalia , the city of Bremen feared it would fall under Swedish rule too.

    Therefore, the city appealed for an imperial confirmation of its status of imperial immediacy from Gelnhausen Privilege.

    Nevertheless, Sweden, represented by its imperial fief Bremen-Verden , which comprised the secularised prince-bishoprics of Bremen and Verden, did not accept the imperial immediacy of the city of Bremen.

    With this in view, Swedish Bremen-Verden twice waged war on Bremen. In the city of Bremen had imposed de facto rule in an area around Bederkesa and west of it as far as the lower branch of the Weser near Bremerlehe a part of present-day Bremerhaven.

    When in March the city of Bremen started to recruit soldiers in the area of Bederkesa, in order to prepare for further arbitrary acts, Swedish Bremen-Verden enacted the First Bremian War March to July , arguing that it was acting in self-defence.

    But the city agreed to pay tribute and levy taxes in favour of Swedish Bremen-Verden and to cede its possessions around Bederkesa and Bremerlehe, which was why it was later called Lehe.

    In the city gained a seat and a vote in the Imperial Diet, despite sharp protest from Swedish Bremen-Verden. So on 15 November Sweden had to sign the Treaty of Habenhausen , obliging it to destroy the fortresses built close to Bremen and banning Bremen from sending its representative to the Diet of the Lower Saxon Circle.

    From then on no further Swedish attempts were made to capture the city. The harbour of Vegesack became part of the city of Bremen in In , the French — as they retreated — withdrew from Bremen.

    Bremen joined the North German Confederation in and four years later became an autonomous component state of the new-founded German Empire and its successors.

    The first German steamship was manufactured in in the shipyard of Johann Lange. In , Bremen, under Johann Smidt, its mayor at that time, purchased land from the Kingdom of Hanover , to establish the city of Bremerhaven Port of Bremen as an outpost of Bremen because the river Weser was silting up.

    Lloyd was a byword for commercial shipping and is now a part of Hapag-Lloyd. In , the Bremen Cotton Exchange was founded. Henrich Focke , Georg Wulf and Werner Naumann founded Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG in Bremen in ; the aircraft construction company as of [update] forms part of Airbus , [ citation needed ] a manufacturer of civil and military aircraft.

    Borgward , an automobile manufacturer , was founded in , and is today part of Daimler AG. In the city became an enclave, part of the American occupation zone surrounded by the British zone.

    In , Martin Mende founded Nordmende , a manufacturer of entertainment electronics. The company existed until OHB-System , a manufacturer of medium-sized space-flight satellites , was founded in The University of Bremen , founded in , is one of 11 institutions classed as an "Elite university" in Germany, and teaches approximately 23, people from countries.

    Bremen lies on both sides of the River Weser , about 60 kilometres 37 miles upstream of its estuary on the North Sea and its transition to the Outer Weser by Bremerhaven.

    The region on the left bank of the Lower Weser, through which the Ochtum flows, is the Weser Marshes, the landscape on its right bank is part of the Elbe-Weser Triangle.

    In terms of area, Bremen is the thirteenth largest city in Germany; and in terms of population the second largest city in northwest Germany after Hamburg and the tenth largest in the whole of Germany see: List of cities in Germany.

    The inner city lies on a Weser dune, which reaches a natural height of The highest natural feature in the city of Bremen is However, periods in which continental air masses predominate may occur at any time of the year and can lead to heat waves in the summer and prolonged periods of frost in the winter.

    The record high temperature was Average temperatures have risen continually over the last decades, leading to a 0.

    As in most parts of Germany, the year has been the warmest year on record averaging Precipitation is distributed fairly even around the year with a small peak in summer mainly due to convective precipitation, i.

    Snowfall and the period of snow cover are variable; whereas in some years, hardly any snow accumulation occurs, there has recently been a series of unusually snowy winters, peaking in the record year counting 84 days with a snow cover.

    The warmest months in Bremen are June, July, and August, with average high temperatures of Typical of its maritime location, autumn tends to remain mild well into October, while spring arrives later than in the southwestern parts of the country.

    Number of minorities in Bremen by nationality as of 31 December The legislature is elected by the citizens of Bremen every four years. Bremen has a reputation as a Left-wing city.

    This left wing atmosphere largely stems from a transition from an industrial economy to a service economy.

    The Greens have also been very successful in city elections. The state of Bremen , which consists of the city, is governed by a coalition of the Social Democratic Party and The Greens.

    The current president is Carsten Sieling. More contemporary tourist attractions include:. The skyscraper Weser Tower designed by Helmut Jahn.

    Bremen is the second development centre of the region, after Hamburg. It forms part of the production network of Airbus SAS and this is where equipping of the wing units for all widebody Airbus aircraft and the manufacture of small sheet metal parts takes place.

    Structural assembly, including that of metal landing flaps, is another focal point. Within the framework of Airbus A production, assembly of the landing flaps high lift systems is carried out here.

    The pre-final assembly of the fuselage section excluding the cockpit of the AM military transport aircraft takes place before delivery on to Spain.

    More than 3, persons are employed at Airbus Bremen, the second largest Airbus site in Germany. The entire process chain for the high-lift elements is established here, including the project office, technology engineering, flight physics, system engineering, structure development, verification tests, structural assembly, wing equipping and ultimate delivery to the final assembly line.

    In addition, Bremen manufactures sheet metal parts like clips and thrust crests for all Airbus aircraft as part of the Centre of Excellence — Fuselage and Cabin.

    Apart from that there is another link between Bremen and wine: A large number of food producing or trading companies are located in Bremen with their German or European headquarters: It has been in operation since The network lies completely within the area of the Bremen-Lower Saxony Transport Association , whose tariff structure applies.

    Bremen is home to the football team Werder Bremen , who won the German Football Championship for the fourth time and the German Football Cup for the fifth time in , making them only the fourth team in German football history to win the double; the club won the German Football Cup for the sixth time in Only Bayern Munich has won more titles.

    In the final match of the —10 season, Werder Bremen lost to Bayern Munich. The home stadium of SV Werder Bremen is the Weserstadion , a pure football stadium, almost completely surrounded by solar cells.

    It is one of the biggest buildings in Europe delivering alternative energy. With students, [48] the University of Bremen is the largest university in Bremen, and is also home to the international Goethe-Institut and the Fallturm Bremen.

    In , the private Jacobs University Bremen was founded. All major German research foundations maintain institutes in Bremen, with a focus on marine sciences: Bremen is twinned with: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    This article is about the German city. For the German state consisting of Bremen and Bremerhaven, see Bremen state. For other uses, see Bremen disambiguation.

    It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled History of Bremen. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

    Bremen state election, List of people from Bremen and List of mayors of Bremen. List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany. Bibliography of the history of Bremen.

    Statistisches Landesamt Bremen in German. Books on Demand, Oldenburger Jahrbuch , vol. The Edge of the World: Forces of the Hanseatic League: Olbers, Georg Olms Verlag, S.

    Retrieved 4 July The Regions of Germany: A Reference Guide to History and Culture. Retrieved 18 May Mai in Bremen".

    Retrieved 27 January Retrieved 14 January Katholischer Gemeindeverband in Bremen. Archived from the original on 7 January Always happy to share our knowledge with you - free of charge.

    Friendly and efficient contacts. A rapid, reliable service. All enquiries received by midday will be answered the same day. Customised offers for groups ready within 24 hours.

    The latest information from the experts on Bremen. Book with the Bremen experts. Bremen at a glance. Google Maps Satellite Hybrid Terrain.

    Browse our wide selection of attractive packages. Regular guided walks, sightseeing tours, tickets and more. Private themed tours and other offers for groups.

    Suggested events and highlights. Relax and enjoy Our great Bremen and Bremerhaven video. English guided tour Join our guided city walk and explore Bremens special attractions.

    Location and travel information Bremen is easily accessible How to find us and tips for visitors travelling by train, coach, car or air.

    Bremen, the cosmopolitan city on the Weser river, looks back on over 1, years of history. Daily Walking Tour germ. Fun weekend break in Bremen for groups Parks and gardens Green city Bremen has plenty of idyllic parks, enchanting gardens and lush green spaces to enjoy.

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